About AgNO3Solution & Its Founder

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I had returned from my voyage from the UK for nearly six years to complete my doctorate research in prison studies. It was there I had stumbled across actual physical photographic historical processes, which I had only seen and read in the historical books,

From the daguerreotypes to the wet plate collodion process, ambrotypes, glass negatives, salt and albumen prints, palladium/platinum prints, ivorytypes.. and so forth. It was overwhelming amount of examples that I had experienced, and of course, it became my personal ambition then to start discovering if such material processes were doable in this day and age.

What had been a were then a small chatter of its techniques, which it had always remained in the shadows and unreachable a most that written about it just scare most of the readers off by warning so much danger in these processes and not to be bother with other than appreciating the results from the past.

Of course, it was all actually methodologically sound and these processes have its own steps. It has been established and all I have to look into was follow and tweak the formulas and steps to accommodate my environment and manner of practise.

Such visual expedition now appeared to be a significant value as in part of my own visual narrative.

I returned back to my beloved country, carrying various weights in knowledge, with such list in resolving common problems in the photo-historical practise (not that all could be resolved), understanding the difficulties, the tweaks in methodologies, recipes to be altered, literature that needs to be read, and definitely what is important, to consistently practise.

I believe that such journey should not be alone, even though it does appear to be such for many weeks for me. One could go so far in carrying the wooden camera around and prodding through what now to be instant gratification that one gets from their mobile cameras, funny enough that most of the apps filter of choice seems to lean towards nostalgic hues and tones.

I began to work my way around finding the chemicals, tools, attempted making and using everything I find. There were hair pulling moments where nothing works and no-one on the spot that could advise (but then again, I could always whine in social media). After year-long stint, I had managed to gather my resources, and began to see that there are more to be done.

I realise this is about the time to start spreading this discipline around this region; the more the merrier as the old saying goes.

I to envisioned this as a small, family business in turning this practise to a humble livelihood. Since then, AgNO3 Solution (SA0459504-H) registered as a company as of 18th Dec 2017.

As a family run business; we may be small, but we do this with a strong passion and every waking day is a fantastic day in the darkroom, studio, on the field, or simply sitting by my library, reading related literatures of the past and present to further my craft.