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Silent Grundner Shutter Mod


Measuring and sketching out in re-housing the Silent Grundner Shutter.

Since the pneumatic part of the Silent Grundner Shutter were shot or jammed up and stuck (see the previous post here), as expected after 100 years which was made of vulcanised rubber, I had to figure out a way of using it as the bellows were quite fantastic shape and still in good condition.

I had measured and sketch it out as I am quite pleased that it goes well with my Derogy lens.

All done and good to go

The rear lens attachment, the internal rim are padded with one sided, 2mm foam tape to grip onto the lens and reduce vibration as well.

The glue joints, which were most likely to be rabbit’s glue, between the bellows and the metal house were sanded and re-glued.

The bellows were buffed several rounds with Saddler’s leather dressing using cotton tips.

Highly recommended Leather buffing paste. No petroleum, turpentine, or animal fat which the suppleness of leathers shows and retained after application and buffing.

The bellows did not have any light leak nor loose parts, but the surface did require a bit of leather buffing, which I used ‘Saddler’s Leather Dressing’, which is quite wonderful leather polisher as I use it on most leather materials (books, old dag cases… etc). After few rounds, it came out nice and supple and decreased the chance of the material from cracks and brittle.

Between the bellows and the metal parts, I had used a 3mm foam to dampen the vibration, to reduce any vibration when triggered open, onto the lens and the camera.
I placed a single sided foam tape (2mm) onto the attachment between the SG Shutter and the len’s hood, which does both proper grip when mounted, and also helped to decrease the vibration.

The external platform with female thread to attach the cable release

The cable release screw (female thread) were taken from an old camera parts, structures were built around the gears and fitted as close to the platform to maximise the push from the metal bit from the cable release.

Attached cable release.

A good quality cable release will puch the platform gear down. Cheap stuff… nah.

I had tried using cheap cable release, which does not hold enough strength to push down the platform, which I had then rummage through my store til I found a cable release that is actually gives a solid push when pressed.

I had tried using pneumatic cable release, which was a failure and I was looking forward to use it instead as it had a great length to work with. Unfortunately, it was too weak. I had experimented using large syringe (thanks for the tip Simon), which it did pushed in just a bit, but still not sufficient to open the bellows fully.
Still, all is not lost, as I still have the 40 cm cable release to do the job.

Mounted and ready

An angry passport photo selfie it is then…


My actual first selfie ever… The large black blob on the lower part is my hand releasing (or is the word pressing?) the shutter in front of me with such a bokehness to it.